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GTA 3 Android Version in Just 90MB for Free

Now, Download and Play GTA 3 in Just 90MB,

This Blog is Posted by TECH Aditya YouTube Channel,

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Some Screenshots

GTA 3 for Android in Just 90 MB with all Cleo Mods,
By Using Cleo Mods, We easily Use Cheats in This Game without Typing...

So, The Steps to Download the game are given below ⬇

System requirements ( Minimum )  :-
* Android 4.0 or higher
* 1 GB RAM or higher
* Memory 1 GB Free Space on your Mobile Internal Storage

System requirements ( Recommended ) :-
* Android 5.1.1 or higher
* 2 GB RAM or higher
* Memory 2 GB Free Space on your Mobile Internal Storage

Download Links:-


APK :-

GTA 3 APK by TECH Aditya

Main Data ( Password :- androgamer )




*How to Install Total Files

*How to Install APK File

  First of all.
1)Go to your Phone Settings and then Switch off Unknown Sources.
2)Download Gta 3 APK and
3)DownloadZ-Archiver or Click Here.

4)Now Select The folder Where You Download The Files and then,
5)Select and Hold GTA 3 APK file for 3 second
6) Click on Extract here
7) You see a new File Automatically Create named GTA 3 APK
8) Open the File
9) Install the APK
Now, Open Play Store and Search CPU-Z
or Click Here

*How to Install Main Data File

After The CPU-Z successfully installed on your Mobile, So Now , Open It

In the home page Your See your Phone GPU Rendor

Screenshot of this app -

•The Circled Area is Your Phone GPU Rendor!

Now according to your GPU Rendor Select Data File and Download the Data File.

Now Download Z-Archiver from Play Store
or Click Here

Now Go to Z-Archiver
1) Select The Folder Where You Download The Files
2) Tap and Hold The GTA 3 Data File
3) Click on Extract here
Note* Password = androgamer
Now after Extract
Cut or Copy your Downloaded GTA 3 DATA to
1) Internal Storage
2) Android
3) Data
Here You move your File.

*How to Install Cleo Mods

1)Go to Your GTA 3 APK file that are already Extracted and select It
2)Click on Cleo Mods
3)Now, Click on Three Dot on Right Corner Of Z-Archiver App and
4)Select Multi Select
5)Now select all files and
6)Hold and File
7)Click on Cut or Copy
8)Now go to your
#Internal Storage
9) And, Paste Here all the Files

*Installation Finished!!!

Now All Installation is Finish
  Go to your Mobile Home
and Search GTA 3.
Now you are ready to play GTA 3
Open GTA 3 and Enjoy The Game
and If you Want to Open Cleo Mods in gta 3 game
   Drag your finger from up to down.
Now you see some options are showing.

If you don't understand what to do.
Watch my YouTube Video!

Now All Done!

________________End of Blog_________________

_________________Thank You_________________


  1. This is Real
    I successfully downloaded GTA 3 in only 90 mb

  2. I like this phone very much. I like the mobile display and design.pls give this phone for my studies and gaming.


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